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Kansas Church Moving Mass For First Time Ever Because Of Chiefs Game

Added 01-10-19 10:29:02am EST - “To make sure parishioners don't have to choose between their worship and the game, the parish made the choice to move mass up two hours.” - Stlouis.cbslocal.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Stlouis.cbslocal.com: “Kansas Church Moving Mass For First Time Ever Because Of Chiefs Game”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

(CBS Local) – As the Kansas City Chiefs get set to play the Indianapolis Colts in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs this Saturday afternoon, they’ll have a few extra prayers heading their way.

According to KMBC 9, a parish in Prairie Village, Kansas has decided to change its mass schedule to allow parishioners to pray together prior to Saturday’s game. The parish normally has a mass scheduled for 4 p.m. on Saturday’s, which would be a problem for fans in the parish as the game kicks off at 4:40, or about halfway through mass.

In order to make sure that members of the church could both observe their normal weekly worship and still be home in time to cheer on Patrick Mahomes and company, the parish’s pastor made the decision to move mass up two hours to 2 p.m. on Saturday afternoon.

“I did realize I was in competition between the temple of St. Ann here, and the temple of Arrowhead,” Father Craig Maxim told KMBC. “And I knew a lot of people would be glued to the TV set, if not at the game itself, thus we were willing to make the change for this one time.”

Father Craig reportedly took a vote among parishioners about the scheduling issue and it was unanimously in favor of moving the start time for mass up to 2 p.m. The priest said that plans for the mass are to include the Chiefs in prayers as well, and he offered one final reason for parishioners to make the time to show up on Saturday.


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