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Justice Department Tells Court That Trump's Own Admissions Undermine Claims Of Attorney-Client Privilege Over Cohen Material

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Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Jonathanturley.org: “Justice Department Tells Court That Trump’s Own Admissions Undermine Claims Of Attorney-Client Privilege Over Cohen Material”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Trump added that he “has many attorneys … sadly, I have so many attorneys, you wouldn’t even believe it . . . From what I understand, [the feds are] looking at his businesses, and I hope he’s in great shape. I’m not involved, and I’ve been told I’m not involved.”

The Justice Department pounced on the admissions to challenge the claims of attorney-client privilege raised on Trump’s behalf but Cohen and Trump’s counsel.  Citing the statements of Sean Hannity as well, the Justice Department told the court. In a letter to U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood, Robert Khuzami, the deputy U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York wrote: “These statements by two of Cohen’s three identified clients suggest that the seized materials are unlikely to contain voluminous privileged documents, further supporting the importance of efficiency here.”

Having a client saying on television that “This has nothing to do with me”  and “I’ve been told I’m not involved” is obviously devastating to arguments of privilege just as Trump’s counsel was trying to assert his protections.

Turley wrote, “In the meantime, it was revealed yesterday that the FBI seized 16 different cellphones from Michael Cohen.”

I know nothing about cell-phones. Somebody please tell me whether 16 different cell-phones can all have just one Twitter account. I ask because Cohen has previously offered his Twitter account as an alibi for the allegation that he visited Prague in 2016.


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