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Jonathan Turley: Judge Sullivan should dismiss the Flynn case

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Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Jonathan Turley: Judge Sullivan should dismiss the Flynn case”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

This morning law professor Jonathan Turley wrote a piece arguing that it was time for Judge Sullivan to stop playing games and drop the case against Michael Flynn. As you’ll see in a moment that’s not at all how things worked out. But let’s start with Turley’s argument that Sullivan has been given a chance by the Appeals Court to do the right thing:

The appellate panel held that time was up for Sullivan in the case of Flynn because “we need not guess if this irregular and searching scrutiny will continue” as “it already has.”

After that opinion, many predicted the full appellate court would reverse, not because of any discord on the law but because Sullivan must be given the chance to do the right thing. He had not made a final ruling and, while making note of the clear law in this issue, the panel should not have taken that decision away from him. There remains no doubt as to the outcome of this case. Sullivan either will dismiss this charge or be reversed by the same court that sent it back to him for a final ruling…

…the reputation of Sullivan instead of Flynn is at stake in this hearing. He can follow the law dispassionately and dismiss this charge without gratuitous commentary. Or he can use the hearing to lash out at the administration and the defendant just before an election.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan’s grilling of Flynn attorney Sidney Powell, during a highly anticipated hearing, underscored Sullivan’s deep concerns about the effort by Flynn and the Justice Department — with Trump’s active and public support — to drop a criminal case against Flynn that has been pending since 2017.


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