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Jimmy Kimmel Lights Up ‘Slick-Backed Sperm Sample' Donald Trump Jr. for Smearing Combat-Wounded Lt. Col. Vindman

Added 11-20-19 01:34:02am EST - “Jimmy Kimmel lights up 'slick-backed sperm sample' Donald Trump Jr. for smearing combat-wounded Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman over his impeachment testimony.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Jimmy Kimmel Slams Donald Trump Jr. for Alexander Vindman Smears”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel ripped into Republican smears of one impeachment witness, combat-wounded Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, singling out for derision the attacks from “slick-backed sperm sample who never served anybody” Donald Trump Jr.

“There’s an old saying among trial lawyers,” Kimmel noted in his Tuesday monologue about the third day of impeachment testimony. “If the facts are on your side, pound the facts. If the law’s on your side, pound the law. If neither is on your side, pound the table. The Republicans pounded the table like Stormy Daniels pounded Donnie T with that Forbes magazine.”

“This was embarrassing even for them,” Kimmel continued, referencing the character attacks Vindman has endured from Trump surrogates as well as the White House. “They tried to smear the recipient of a Purple Heart to protect a president who doesn’t even have a red one.”

“[GOP Congressman] Jim Jordan of Ohio, this guy,  implied that Vindman was a leaker with questionable judgment,” Kimmel pointed out. “You know, questionable judgment, like if were you a wrestling coach and the team doctor was abusing your wrestlers and you didn’t say anything, that’s questionable judgment, Jim Jordan?”

“DJTJ tweeted: ‘He was well coached and should get that he’s a low-level partisan bureaucrat and nothing more.’ That’s right, the slick-backed sperm sample who never served anybody is questioning the integrity of a lieutenant colonel with a Purple Heart. Daddy bone spurs must be very proud of him.”


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