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Jill Biden's $700 boots deliver a political statement, Politics is fashionable again

Added 09-15-20 10:35:02pm EST - “Those boots are made for voting.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Jill Biden's $700 boots deliver a political statement, Politics is fashionable again”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Joe and Jill Biden voted Monday at a state building in Delaware. Biden said they did so because he is traveling to Florida today. Upon leaving the building, Jill Biden’s boots caught the attention of some in the media. She was sporting black leather boots with large silver lettering spelling out VOTE.

It struck me as an odd choice for a woman her age, like she borrowed a pair of boots from her daughter or something, but this is 2020. I shrugged and made note of them. It turns out that they are made by designer Stuart Weitzman and a “first look” of the boots was posted on social media in August. The Instagram post touts the boot as a limited edition with only 100 pairs available.

Your first look is here: Cast your eyes on the limited-edition #5050VOTE boot. A new take on our iconic 5050 boot, designed for innovation and impact. Dropping exclusively here on Instagram on 8.23.2020 — for 24 hours only. Only 100 pairs available. @iamavoter #StuartWeitzman

CNN’s Kate Bennett was quick to post a tweet with a close-up look at Dr. Jill’s boots, to which actress Roseanne Arquette, in reference to a Nancy Sinatra song classic, replied, “These boots are made for walkin and that’s just what they’ll do one of these day These boots are gonna walk all over you Mr trump..” And, continuing to carry water for Jill Biden, Bennett reports that those aren’t really limited edition boots, heck, anyone can buy them. Anyone, that is, that spends $700 on boots. (I would post Kate Bennett’s tweet but she blocked me a long time ago.)

As Dr. Biden and her husband, Joe, left the state building in Wilmington, Delaware, today, cameras snapped her Stuart Weitzman boots, which featured silver text with a simple four-letter message: VOTE. CNN’s Kate Bennett confirmed that the style isn’t a special, limited-edition release made just for Jill Biden. The shoes are available for anyone who wants them for $695. The 5050 Vote Boot is Stuart Weitzman’s latest spin on its fan-favorite 5050 boot, a flat OTK style that’s beloved for comfort and versatility thanks to soft nappa leather and a full-elastic back panel. Anyone looking to share Dr. Biden’s message can opt for her flashy silver-on-black style or a more subtle black-on-black option. Both are still available.


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