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Jay Inslee, Climate Candidate, Exits 2020 Presidential Race

Added 08-21-19 09:16:08pm EST - “The Washington state governor released a hefty library of climate policies and raised money from over 130,000 donors, but failed to break 1% in the polls.” - Huffpost.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Huffpost.com: “Jay Inslee, Climate Candidate, Exits 2020 Presidential Race”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Jay Inslee dropped his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination on Wednesday night as he looked unlikely to qualify for next month’s debate.

The Washington governor’s exit ends what began six months ago as a quixotic campaign centered entirely on an issue that candidates in the last presidential election ignored. It finished with a book-length stack of proposals that chart a politically pragmatic path to averting catastrophic climate change in the decades to come. 

“We left an open-source gold standard of what will get us to a cleaner future and really will end our reliance on fossil fuels,” Inslee told HuffPost by phone Wednesday afternoon. “It was not just a campaign document, it was a governing document, and it could be used by anyone who ends up in the White House.”  

Just hours before announcing the governor’s plans to bow out of the race, the Inslee campaign released a 38-page memo detailing a plan to pay farmers to store carbon dioxide in soil, establish a new federal research agency on sustainable agriculture and invest billions in rural renewable electricity projects.

The campaign, despite its low polling, did more than draft a blueprint for a future administration to slash planet-heating emissions. While Inslee’s rivals barnstormed early primary states, the governor toured areas of the country ravaged by pollution, flooding and extreme weather, offering his candidacy as a megaphone.


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