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It's A Small, Slight 'Jobe'z World'

Added 01-10-19 05:06:02pm EST - “A Manhattan drug courier has a very bad night in this scrappy but underwritten slacker comedy that plays like an extended sketch.” - Npr.org


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Npr.org: “It's A Small, Slight 'Jobe'z World'”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The Impatience of Jobe: Drug courier Jobe (Jason Grisell) endures a series of trials in the no-budget comedy Jobe'z World. Factory 25 hide caption

In the bargain-basement-cosmic prologue to Jobe'z World, the title character muses on "the infinite void." In reality, rollerblader Jobe (Jason Grisell) lives and works in the tightly circumscribed universe known as lower Manhattan. He achieves escape velocity only via the "sick manga" he writes and draws, recounting the adventures of Celestial Steven, a planet-hopping EDM DJ.

As writer-director Michael M. Bilandic is careful to have one character note, Jobe is a modern-day version of Biblical sad-sack Job, tormented by forces beyond his ken. This slacker comedy's other obvious inspiration is the 2014 drug-mishap death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, which occurred in the same part of town where bleached-blond, past-his-prime Jobe works as a dope courier.

Even without the plot's major complication, Jobe faces a busy night: He's promised to see a comic/fisherman pal perform at a comedy club, and he has to pick up his mom at the airport. Then Jobe's boss summons him for a prestigious task: Everyone's favorite plus-sized, bearded, three-named actor has ordered a shipment of a narcotic that's "worse than what killed MJ and Prince put together."

Royce David Leslie (Theodore Bouloukos) is an expansive mood when Jobe arrives. He serves vodka in glasses embellished with cartoon panda bears, and encourages Jobe to discuss his life and creative ambitions. Encouraged, the delivery man slips Royce a copy of the amateurish Celestial Steven.


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