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‘It's A Binary Lie': Mike Rowe Says Right And Left Are Both Wrong About The Labor Shortage

Added 01-12-22 10:16:03pm EST - “Mike Rowe said that the labor shortage in the United States is a "binary lie" of the left and right wings on an episode of Timcast IRL Monday night.” - Dailycaller.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Dailycaller.com: “‘It’s A Binary Lie’: Mike Rowe Says Right And Left Are Both Wrong About The Labor Shortage”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Mike Rowe claimed Monday on “Timcast IRL” that the labor shortage in the U.S. is a “binary lie” of the left and right.

During the episode, Rowe told host Tim Pool that he had never seen more job opportunities available within skilled trades amid a labor shortage. He expressed his frustration with reasons provided by people of both political ideologies to address the problem.

“‘Those jobs suck. Those jobs don’t pay enough. That’s because your capitalist, greedy, rapacious bosses are just simply not offering a fair wage’. And that’s what my buddies on the left say,” Rowe said, impersonating someone who might have a liberal point of view on the issue.

“My buddies on the right say universally, ‘Well, you know, the skills gap. You’ve got 11,000,000 open positions cause people are fundamentally lazy and shiftless,'” Rowe continued. “And that’s the problem, it’s a binary lie.” (RELATED: Mike Rowe Reveals How A Phone Call About Grandfather Inspired Hit Show In Clip With Tucker Carlson)

Pool, an independent journalist and host of “Timcast IRL,” also recounted his own experiences to Rowe about job seekers looking for comfort rather than putting in effort for the jobs they seek.


Watch the video:

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