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Irreconcilable politics: Texas woman VOWS TO LEAVE Trump-supporting husband if he doesn't vote Biden, sets Twitter on fire

Added 09-21-20 12:37:02am EST - “A Texas woman said she's so fed up with her husband's support for President Donald Trump that she will leave him if he doesn't vote for Democrat challenger Joe Biden ?" a reflection of political polarization in the MAGA era.” - Rt.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rt.com: “Irreconcilable politics: Texas woman VOWS TO LEAVE Trump-supporting husband if he doesn't vote Biden, sets Twitter on fire”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

"I'm married to a Trump supporter," the woman, identified as Beverly M, said Saturday on Twitter. "I'm serious that if he doesn't come around and vote for Biden-Harris, I will not stay around."

I’m married to a Trump supporter. I’m serious that if he doesn’t come around and vote for Biden/Harris I will not stay around. I married him before Trump was elected. I voted for Hillary. It’s been a rough 4 years to say the least.

The woman identifies herself as a Black Lives Matter supporter on Twitter and said she moved to Texas from the Midwest in the 1980s. She said she married her husband before Trump was elected, and she voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. "It's been a rough four years, to say the least," she added.

Beverly M said that with so much at stake in the 2020 election, she considers Trump supporters to be selfish. "That's why I am angry at my husband," she said. "When I'm begging him to do this for our children...and for our future grandchildren and that doesn't matter to him, that's eye-opening."

Her tweets met with largely humorous reaction, such as a commentator who tweeted, "If she's husband shopping, I'd recommend Portland," and another who said, "Karen, it's going to be a rough four more." Australian journalist Rita Panahi posted a GIF of an angry woman trashing a house and said in the caption, "That's just incentivizing a vote for Trump."


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