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iOS 16 to feature "fresh Apple apps"

Added 05-16-22 06:15:02am EST - “Mark Gurman says Apple's 2022 iPhone software update, slated to be unveiled at WWDC next month, will feature "major changes across the system."” - Macworld.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Macworld.com: “iOS 16 to feature "fresh Apple apps"”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

With WWDC 2022‘s opening keynote exactly three weeks away, a widely respected analyst has spilled the beans on the flagship iOS 16 update expected to headline the presentation.

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman looks ahead to the new version of iPhone’s operating system software. “There should be major changes across the system,” Gurman predicts, including “new ways of interacting” and “some fresh Apple apps.”

It isn’t clear what precisely Gurman means by these predictions, but the theory of new interactions points to upgrades in the way widgets work in iOS. As MacRumors observes, the home screen widgets originally added in iOS 14 are not currently interactive; that could be about to change.

As for “fresh Apple apps,” Gurman may simply mean that Apple intends to update–or “refresh”–a number of the in-house apps that are bundled with iOS, such as Safari, Messages and so on. But that’s standard fare for an iOS update, and we’re optimistic that Gurman actually means Apple is going to launch entirely new apps, much as it launched Files in iOS 11, Measure in iOS 12 and Translate in iOS 14.

While the functionality of the software is expected to change up significantly, its appearance will stay largely the same, with Gurman explaining that he doesn’t expect a “full redesign.” The last time Apple completely revamped iOS’s appearance was the controversial iOS 7 redesign in 2013–when the quasi-realistic ‘skeuomorphic’ design language gave way to vivid flat colors–and Apple has preferred to make smaller tweaks ever since.


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