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Interview: Ryan Sprague explains everything you need to know about UFOs

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Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Hotair.com: “Interview: Ryan Sprague explains everything you need to know about UFOs”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

This week I sat down with author, researcher and television and podcast host Ryan Sprague. As you may recall, I previously did a review of Ryan’s recently updated and rereleased book Somewhere in the Skies. That produced some interesting feedback to say the least, so I contacted Ryan about doing an interview for our network on not only some of the latest, fascinating news regarding UFOs and government revelations about same, but how this phenomenon has directly impacted some of the people whose lives have been touched by it.

Ryan describes his own experience of seeing something in the sky that he simply couldn’t explain as a teenager, and how that led him on a lifelong journey of exploration that continues to this day. We also discuss the apparent shift in attitudes toward this phenomenon not just among the public, but in mainstream journalistic circles. Has the “stigma” been lifted for people choosing to come forward and offer testimony on this subject? I also convince our guest to weigh in on whether or not we now have sufficient data to conclude that we’re dealing with something that literally from out of this world or if it still might be advanced gear cooked up by the Russians, the Chinese or even our own government.

Towards the end, as a special treat for those of you who enjoy researching this type of information, Ryan and I veer away from the best-known UFO tales of the past (Roswell, the Pheonix lights, the Nimitz encounters). I get him to dig into his many years of research and share some of the lesser-known, but equally fascinating and credible reports from the world of UFO lore. He never fails to bring some surprises to the table with him. Enjoy.

Ryan’s book: Somewhere in the Skies. A Human Approach to the UFO PhenomenonMore information on Ryan’s podcast and other projects. Somewhere in the Skies

“…these looters, these thieves, these criminals they are being emboldened by no consequences in the criminal system.”


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