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Imran Khan's ex-wife earns apology after govt minister claimed her tell-all memoir was sponsored by PM's rivals

Added 11-13-19 05:37:02am EST - “Ex-wife of Imran Khan has won a libel case launched after a government minister claimed live on air that her husband's rivals paid her to write a revealing memoir on the PM's alleged gay tendencies and drug addiction.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Imran Khan’s ex-wife earns apology after govt minister claimed her tell-all memoir was sponsored by PM’s rivals”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

A Pakistani channel Dunya TV offered an apology and paid off “substantial damages” to Reham Khan, former spouse of the sitting Prime Minister Imran Khan. The woman, a British-Pakistani citizen, took the matter to UK High Court after Sheikh Rasheed, currently Pakistan’s railways minister, attacked her during a 2018 talk show broadcast by Dunya.

Rasheed, whose career is full of controversies, alleged that Khan took money from the Prime Minister’s political opponents, the Pakistan Muslim League. In return, he said on the record, the group wanted her to write an autobiography tarnishing the Prime Minister’s private life.

He also likened Reham, currently a journalist and broadcaster, to a well-known Pakistani courtesan – a slur which she said amounted to calling her a prostitute.

Published back in 2018, the book made headlines in Pakistan and abroad. It alleges that the former cricketer-turned-premier consumed light drugs and had gay inclinations engaging in relationships with known transgender people. The scandalous memoir also portrays him as practicing believer of black magic, along with other sins, like corruption and nepotism.

Critics said that the publication was full of bias and rumors, a claim she vehemently denied. But the pair’s marriage lasted only ten months, with Khan himself admitting that marrying Reham was “a mistake” of his life.


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