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Ilhan Omar: When will Twitter take action against Trump for smearing me?

Added 09-18-19 01:35:01pm EST - “"The President of the United States is continuing to spread lies that put my life at risk."” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Ilhan Omar: When will Twitter take action against Trump for smearing me?”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

This is an interesting test case for whether there’s anything Trump could do that might earn some sort of sanction from Twitter’s powers that be. Probably not. He’s their golden goose, the man who singlehandedly made their platform relevant to the entire planet moment to moment. He can’t be banned no matter what he does.

But could he be temporarily suspended, i.e. lose his posting privileges for 12 hours, or face some other reprimand? There was chatter somewhere not long ago about Twitter possibly installing a new feature in which tweets posted by, ahem, “public officials” that violate the platform’s terms of service would be marked to indicate the violation but wouldn’t be removed. The public interest in knowing what those … “public officials” are saying at a given moment is too high to justify erasing the tweet entirely.

Omar’s anticipating an argument like that, however, by emphasizing that she’s received death threats after Trump’s tweet this morning. If public reaction to a false tweet ends up putting someone in danger, doesn’t Twitter have a responsibility to remove it?

IIhan Omar, a member of AOC Plus 3, will win us the Great State of Minnesota. The new face of the Democrat Party!

The link at the end pointed to a tweet from MAGA superfan Terrence Williams that’s now been deleted. What was in that tweet?


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