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‘I Would Like to Know the Context': Fox News Guest Brushes Off Reports Black Cadets Were Taunted With N-Word Slur at West Point

Added 07-11-20 01:34:03am EST - “'I Would Like to Know the Context': Fox News Guest Heather MacDonald shrugs off reports Black cadets were called the N-word while at West Point” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Heather MacDonald Shrugs Off Black USMA Cadets Called N-Word”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Fox News guest Heather MacDonald brushed off reports from numerous former African-American cadets that they had been subject to racist taunts and N-word slurs while attending West Point, suggesting that more “context” was needed to understand the incidents and that could have been examples of “hazing.”

On the Friday night edition of Fox News at Night, host Shannon Bream discussed with MacDonald the United States Military Academy’s recent decision to review its honor code to better address racism, a move that has been decried by conservatives as another example of “cancel culture.”

But Bream pointed to a recent Washington Post story about a letter signed by nine recent USMA graduates, who said they had the target of racist jokes and stereotypes, including being called the N-word, while they attended the school.

“According to this letter signed by recent graduates, by not rooting out racism that ‘saturates its history,’ the officers said, ‘West Point ultimately fails to produce leaders of character equipped to lead diverse organizations,'” Bream read, quoting from the Post piece. “Heather, this sounds like it has some legitimate concerns.”

“I’m not certain about that, Shannon. I would like to know the context,” MacDonald said of the former cadets’ claims. “These cadets are hazing each other all the time, and there’s just a fact of the matter that there is no institutional racism in the military or at West Point.”


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