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Hunter Biden levels up in debauchery, media says (VIDEO)

Added 09-25-22 02:37:04am EST - “Hunter Biden strips and swims his way through a house full of sex and substances, videos obtained by the Daily Mail show” - Rt.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rt.com: “Hunter Biden levels up in debauchery, media says (VIDEO)”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter slides naked down a waterslide, has copious group sex with prostitutes, dances around naked, and inhales prodigious amounts of drugs in a set of videos and photos published by the Daily Mail on Thursday, extracted from the younger Biden’s laptop.

Biden strips, snorts, and skinny-dips his way through a series of $4,000-plus nightly rentals in Malibu in September and October 2018 in the included photos and videos, partying hard while his father was preparing to run for president. In addition to a rotating cast of hookers, the younger Biden invites a friend of his ex-lover (and former sister-in-law) Hallie Biden and two unknown men to join the bacchanalia, the Daily Mail reports.

In the videos, he is rarely seen clothed, though he does briefly don pants to ride a bicycle – only to ditch the bike and the trousers by the side of the pool, climbing a set of stone stairs to an elaborate waterslide and plunging down while an unseen woman squeals with delight. A still photo shows Biden straddled by two lingerie-clad women on a bed while a small white dog looks on. This content is reportedly also available via his Pornhub profile.

Living his best life after...House Oversight Committee Rejects GOP Effort To Probe Hunter Biden pic.twitter.com/MIPQD0aYz3

A few of the images and videos were previously posted to infamous imageboard 4chan in July, with users claiming they had hacked Biden’s iCloud backup account to get them. However, even the once-freewheeling site quickly clamped down on the spread of the images, removing threads reposting them.


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