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How were 59-year-old and 69-year-old able to take Tesla for 'a spin' on autopilot before crash?

Added 04-20-21 01:36:03am EST - “The men haven't been named but the owner's brother-in-law said he likely drove it out of his driveway at 11.25pm on Saturday then hopped in the backseat after engaging autopilot.” - Dailymail.co.uk


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Dailymail.co.uk: “How did 2 friends take Tesla for autopilot 'spin' before crash?”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Tesla is facing serious questions over its safety systems after two men died in a fiery crash in Texas on Saturday after taking the car for a 'spin' on autopilot and plowing into a tree just a few hundred yards down a quiet cul-de-sac.

The men haven't been named but one of their relatives told Click 2 Houston anonymously that the owner of the Tesla Model S drove it out of his driveway then jumped out of the driver's seat and into the backseat - where he was found dead - after engaging autopilot. The other man was in the passenger seat.  

Within a few hundred yards of the driveway, they smashed into a tree on a bend that the car's steering systems failed to anticipate. 

Tesla founder Elon Musk meanwhile claimed that the car couldn't have been on autopilot, according to 'data logs.' He also said the car's owner had not purchased the 'FSD' option, which stands for 'full self-driving.'

It's not clear how Musk's claims stack up against those of the local police, whose investigators said they were '99.9 percent sure' there was no one behind the wheel of the car. Three other people have died in Tesla autopilot-related incidents.


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