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How to Help Ukraine Fight Cultural Erasure

Added 05-16-22 05:34:02am EST - “Russia is seeking to destroy Ukrainian culture. The West must help those working to preserve it.” - Foreignpolicy.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Foreignpolicy.com: “How to Help Ukraine Fight Cultural Erasure”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Europe’s arguments against restitution have ignored the legitimate claims of African scholars and governments for 50 years.

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Russia’s war against Ukraine is being waged with tanks, shells, trenches, and terror. It is also being prosecuted through propaganda, intimidation, false narratives, and a campaign of cultural annihilation. For Ukrainians, the drive to hold fast to a national identity, history, and culture is at the heart of a tenacious resistance.

In an era in which international conflicts implicate questions of ethnicity, national identity, language, and history, culture is not just caught in the crossfire. It is itself a battleground. Russian President Vladimir Putin has targeted his campaign against Ukraine not just to seize territory or subdue resistance but to subsume Ukraine culturally, linguistically, and territorially into Russia, denying its existence as a sovereign, independent nation.

In a televised address launching the war, Putin denied that Ukraine had ever enjoyed “real statehood” and claimed the country as part of Russia’s “own history, culture, spiritual space.” Although the histories of Russia and Ukraine are indeed intertwined, their societies, traditions, and artistic forms have distinct and unique threads that have endured over time and have grown stronger during Ukraine’s independence since 1991.


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