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How Rush Converted an Avowed Socialist

Added 02-24-21 03:42:03pm EST - “CALLER: I want to show some light on how he's actually changed my life and I believe so many others.” - Rushlimbaugh.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rushlimbaugh.com: “How Rush Converted an Avowed Socialist”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

TODD: Speaking of that let’s talk to Ken in Livonia, Michigan, Ken, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program, Todd Herman sitting in for our departed friend. Welcome, Ken.

CALLER: Yeah, I just wanted to call and give one of many examples of why I would see Rush Limbaugh as an American patriot. We are now living in a time where all of his enemies want to keep throwing mud at him. But I want to show some light on how he’s actually changed my life and I believe so many others.

At the time that I met Rush Limbaugh, which goes back to when he was on television, without a doubt I was a socialist. Now, some people that say, “Well, how do you know you were a socialist?” Well, I was a 100% strong supporter of the Democrat Party. I had read their platform. I approved of it. I had read the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx. I agree with it.

CALLER: Yeah, and I said at that time, “Hey, I’m a socialist, man,” just like all the Democrats are today, socialists. Now, because of the education that I got from Rush Limbaugh, education on economics, education in history, and talking about the U.S. Constitution, why it was created, everything I learned from Rush Limbaugh, and then I went out on my own and investigated to make sure what he said was true.

Today… Where I was an atheist/socialist, today, because of Rush — the influence of Rush Limbaugh — I’m a Christian who’s a constitutionalist, who believes in the free market system. And here’s the difference that I saw thanks to Rush. Any country that follows the belief system, the worldview held by the Democrat Party and, unfortunately now, even many of the Republicans have joined in.


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