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How I Ended Up On the TikTok Station of the Trump Train…And Why I Love It

Added 05-11-21 12:41:02am EST - “My (adult) kids send me endless TikToks with dog rescues and military reunions knowing that it will turn on the waterworks.? But I fought the urge to have my own account for many of the obvious reasons.? Some of you may roll your…” - Thegatewaypundit.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Thegatewaypundit.com: “How I Ended Up On the TikTok Station of the Trump Train…And Why I Love It”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

And by the way, when did the left become so humorless?  Preachy, judgey, punitive mean-spirited and arrogant, sure.  They’ve always been that.  But humorless?

And by the way….do you think they have figured out that they are no longer the counter culture?  When your political leaders, corporate America, pop-culture (via Hollywood and music) and the MSM parrot your talking points and cover you in glowing terms, you are not counter culture…you are, in fact, “The Man.”

TRENDING: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Gets Involved After Plano Police Officer Allows BLM-Antifa to Illegally Block Traffic, Brandish Weapon

I started scrolling more regularly through TikTok, liked a few posts, and suddenly found myself on MAGA TikTok. ConservativeAnt was one of the first accounts I followed.  He makes powerful points but he also makes me laugh.  Anthony, the son of legal immigrants, went viral with a video showing his frustration at being trapped in a blue state at the beginning of the pandemic, and then his trek to a red state.  “After the election, I felt like the country was a bit deflated without the rallies. I think it is important that  we find ways to connect.  We need to laugh. We need to keep our voices going.  It is my way of saying ‘we aren’t going anywhere!’” Anthony shared.


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