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Hillary Clinton Isn't President, but She Can be a Christmas Tree Topper

Added 12-06-17 08:40:04am EST - “A feminist non-profit has created a series of Christmas tree toppers based on female liberal icons. ‘Tis the season to be delusional.” - Dangerous.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Dangerous.com: “Hillary Clinton Isn't President, but She Can be a Christmas Tree Topper”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Hillary Clinton’s defeat at the election hasn’t stopped her liberal fans from putting her on a pedestal—and now they can do so, literally, with a Christmas tree topper designed after the failed Democratic candidate.

A UK company called Women to Look At is selling the Hillary toppers as part of their lineup of feminist women this Christmas season, alongside Serena Williams and Beyonce.

Enthralled by the prospect of celebrating Christmas with cheers of “yaaas kween slay,” Popsugar’s Alexandra Whithing wrote: “I’m still hyperventilating.”

Speaking to the Independent, Women to Look At co-founders Savannah and Dom said they were tired of traditional toppers. “Last Christmas we looked up at the top of our Christmas Tree where the same old frumpy fairy we had been putting up for years sat looking down on us,” said the creators. 

“We just felt uninspired, like she was a bit of a forgotten figure, even as a Catholic family, we didn’t really understand why it was such a tradition to place this outdated representation of a woman, or sometimes a man as the story turns out,” they added. “Traditions can be borrowed and change with the needs of the times, as we felt the need was definitely there, in a world where we need positive role models more than ever before.”


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