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Here's Everything That Went Down On The "Snowfall" Season 4 Premiere

Added 02-25-21 01:19:02pm EST - “The war is just getting started!” - Buzzfeed.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Buzzfeed.com: “Here's Everything That Went Down On The "Snowfall" Season 4 Premiere”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

After being shot by Melody, left him with a limp and dependent on a cane, Franklin took time away from the drug business to heal and re-evaluate his next moves. The episode begins with Franklin's return and he quickly realizes things have been running pretty smooth without him — Aunt Louie has been handling the books and the storage of their product and money, Leon ensured the projects were on lock, Uncle Jerome managed the distribution, and Teddy and Gustavo's (also known as Oso) partnership grew deeper as they dealt with pipeline issues.

Being the cunning man he is, Franklin tries to set Manboy AND Skully up to completely eliminate the rivals altogether during an ambush. Franklin tells Skully he'll find a way for him to get revenge on Manboy. Then Franklin turns around and tells Manboy he'll set up an ambush for Skully and his crew.

This isn't the first time Franklin and Leon disagreed on something, but this one hit a little deeper. Their true emotions came out during Franklin's New Year's Eve party, when Leon noticed Gustavo was there. Leon still sees Gustavo and Lucia (remember her?) as the reason their childhood best friend Kevin got killed. So when Leon sees him, he goes off! Leon and Franklin head to the back of the club to talk and ultimately decide to go their separate ways.

She claims to be working on another story about the changes in the neighborhood, but she's clearly trying to get more dirt on the slaying, with emphasis on Franklin.

Irene tried to get info out of Melody but Melody told her that that situation is all in God's hands now. After pushing a little harder, the scene ends with the possibility that Melody might be willing to talk.


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