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Hamsters killed over Covid ‘resurrected' in protest

Added 01-21-22 03:37:02pm EST - “NFT project will digitally ?resurrect' some 2,000 hamsters that Hong Kong authorities have ordered culled over Covid-19 transmission fears” - Rt.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rt.com: “Hamsters killed over Covid ‘resurrected’ in protest”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

A Hong Kong group has launched a non-fungible token (NFT) project that will “mint into existence” 2,000 pixel art hamsters to protest a government decision to cull the pet rodents over concerns about the risk of Covid-19 transmission to humans.

The project, known as ‘Carries Hamsters’, is reportedly named after Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam. It was apparently launched on Thursday, as hamster owners and pet shops on the Chinese-ruled island handed over the critters after health authorities ordered about 2,000 hamsters and other small rodents to be “humanely” put down this week.

Announcing the campaign via its Instagram account, the group noted that it would “not stand for the euthanizing.” In order to “stand up, spread [the] word and positivity,” 2,000 hamsters will be digitally “resurrected” and sold – with part of the proceeds going to an animal charity “combating” the cull that followers can select a day before the NFTs are created.

The minting process is scheduled to begin at midnight on Monday, with the group promising that the community will have “hamsters of all sorts and colors, with attributes that directly relate” to Hong Kong. The project will also “airdrop” merchandise to NFT holders to “continue the mission and spread the word.”

A life is a life, whether it be a human or an animal. We need to stand together to ensure that each life is given the importance that it deserves.


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