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Hacking group behind the cyberattack on a key US fuel pipeline is said to be disbanding

Added 05-15-21 11:14:02am EST - “DarkSide made headlines for hacking Colonial Pipeline, forcing the major East Coast fuel supplier to suspend operations for several days.” - Businessinsider.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Businessinsider.com: “Hacking group behind the cyberattack on a key US fuel pipeline is said to be disbanding”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

DarkSide, the ransomware group that attacked Colonial Pipeline last week, sending gasoline prices soaring, is reportedly shutting down, per a new report by the Wall Street Journal.

Citing sources who work in security, the Journal says DarkSide told associates it no longer has access to its servers and pointed to disruptions caused by a law-enforcement agency and pressure from the United States. The website associated with DarkSide was no longer active as of Thursday. 

The group said it lost access shortly after President Joe Biden said: "We have been in direct communications with Moscow about the imperative for responsible countries to take decisive action against these ransomware networks. We're also going to pursue a measure to disrupt their ability to operate."

Biden said there wasn't any evidence the Russian government was behind the attack, but those involved "are living in Russia." The Journal, alongside the website Oil Price says it's possible the US successfully disrupted the hackers.

The announcement of its shutdown could also be a cover, however, in which the hackers shut themselves down and take all the money. In fact, the Journal reports, it's not uncommon for ransomware groups to disband only to reappear later under different names. 


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