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H. Ross Perot, the Little Hand Grenade with a Bad Haircut, Dead at 89

Added 07-09-19 04:42:03pm EST - “RUSH: Ross Perot was a genuine American. He perhaps in many ways was the definition of a real and genuine American.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “H. Ross Perot, the Little Hand Grenade with a Bad Haircut, Dead at 89”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

RUSH: Ross Perot has died, folks. Eighty-nine years of age. And many people in the Drive-By Media today are saying that it might in fact have been Ross Perot that inspired Trump to believe that he could actually win. Ross Perot sought the presidency in 1992. His primary opponent was George H. W. Bush. There was a personal rivalry between the two that dated back to the Reagan administration.

Now, the Perot campaign, just to relive a little history here, the Perot campaign — and Snerdley, you’ll remember this — it was the first crisis and I don’t think there’s been one since — the first crisis between me and you in the audience. I told everybody that to not get sucked into this. I was convinced that Perot didn’t intend to win, that he had some other agenda here. And I was later I think borne out as accurate.

I had no personal animus for Mr. Perot. In fact, I admired him a great deal. But I will never forget the early syndication partner, Ed McLaughlin — you remember him, Mr. Snerdley? We seldom had meetings, but he called an emergency meeting. He said, “We think you might be on the wrong side of the Perot thing.”

“Your audience is all-in on Perot. You’ve got –” They really thought, the grand pooh-bahs of management really thought that I was throwing away the program by not getting on board the Perot campaign and candidacy. And it was. I mean, it was brutal out there. We were getting phone calls. I was getting phone calls during that entire summer, the entire summer of 1992.

I mean, the audience was ticked off at me. And I was trying to tell everybody why I wasn’t getting sucked into this. I said, “You guys, this is personal. There’s something going on. And I’m gonna find out what it is.” And I did. “But I don’t think Perot intends to win this. If he gets close to winning it, he’s gonna drop out,” which he did. When he got to 19 points, he dropped out.


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