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Gym seeks to dodge Poland's new Covid-19 lockdown by rebranding as ‘Church of the Healthy Body'

Added 10-19-20 03:37:02pm EST - “With the government in Warsaw imposing strict lockdown measures on almost 70 percent of Poland's population, a gym in Krakow has found a way to operate, albeit in a severely limited capacity ?" by declaring itself a church.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Gym seeks to dodge Poland’s new Covid-19 lockdown by rebranding as ‘Church of the Healthy Body’”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

“Since fitness classes cannot function, starting today our club will start hosting religious gatherings of the ‘Church of the Healthy Body’,” Marta Jamroz, manager of the Atlantic Sports Fitness in Poland’s second-largest city, wrote on Facebook over the weekend.

Jamroz assured gym members that “everything is in accordance with the law.” Under the government measures, churches are restricted to one person per four square meters (43 square feet) in the ‘yellow’ zones and seven square meters (75 square feet) in ‘red’ zones, while gyms, swimming pools and water parks must close.

After coronavirus restrictions forced gyms to close, one in Kraków has announced that it is now a shop allowing people to "test" equipment for a fee and a church offering "religious meetings" to promote bodily care

As of Monday, all of Poland has been designated a ‘yellow’ zone, while most cities – accounting for some 70 percent of the country’s population – have been declared ‘red’ zones, including Krakow.

The government announced it would reimpose a lockdown on Thursday, citing a spike in coronavirus cases. There were 8,099 new cases and 91 deaths attributed to Covid-19 as of that morning, according to the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper.


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