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Guatemala Cancels on Trump

Added 07-15-19 06:34:02am EST - “Plus: Iran says it will talk?"if U.S. sanctions end, Italy presents a migration plan, and what to watch in the world this week.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Guatemala Cancels on Trump”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Morning Brief: Guatemala Cancels on Trump Guatemala Cancels on Trump...

Here is today’s Foreign Policy brief: Guatemala postpones President Jimmy Morales’s visit to the White House, Iran again demands an end to U.S. sanctions, and what to watch in the world this week.

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales was due to meet U.S. President Donald Trump today at the White House but the meeting was postponed at the last minute. The two leaders were expected to discuss Guatemala’s potential designation as a “safe third country” for asylum seekers passing through—who could be forced to settle in Guatemala rather than the United States. Opponents say the plan would transform migration in Central America.

But Guatemalan officials say that the agreement won’t be on the table. Last week, former senior officials appealed to the country’s constitutional court to get it to block the potential deal. The Trump-Morales meeting won’t happen until the court rules on the issue. Morales is due to leave office at the end of the year.

Unprepared. Critics of the plan, including Guatemala’s opposition, say that the country is totally unprepared to provide safety or economic opportunity for asylum seekers: Tens of thousands of Guatemalans have left their country this year alone. Last month the Trump administration withheld some aid to the country, along with neighboring El Salvador and Honduras.


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