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GRIDLOCK SAM: Motorists make way for the Global Climate Strike

Added 09-20-19 09:13:03am EST - “Respect your Mother ?" Earth that is, and don't drive during the Global Climate Strike today, Friday.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “GRIDLOCK SAM: Motorists make way for the Global Climate Strike”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Respect your Mother — Earth that is, and don’t drive during the Global Climate Strike today, Friday. In fact, don’t drive in Manhattan until the end of the month when I give the all-clear sign that the UN General Assembly is over, and the last prime minister is on her way home.

DOWNTOWN GRIDLOCK ALERT for Friday! Young people from all over the region will be assembling in Foley Square late morning for The Global Climate Strike. Since over a million public school kids are getting a pass to cut classes the crowd could be very large. Avoid the Chambers St. exit from the Brooklyn Bridge from 11 a.m. to later in the afternoon.

Broadway will probably close mid-morning south of Canal and maybe Houston as assemblies will be held starting at 11 a.m. in City Hall Park and St. Paul’s Church.

The “strikers” will start heading Downtown from Foley Square on Broadway at around 12:30 p.m. All streets around City Hall and Wall Street will be blocked as the marchers head to Battery Park.

If that were not enough, leaders from almost 200 countries will start arriving in NYC on Saturday for the United Nations General Assembly and the start of the biggest traffic nightmare event of the year. President Trump will arrive some time Sunday night, which will shut the FDR Drive northbound as he is shuttled from the Wall St. heliport to Trump Tower on Fifth Ave. near 57th St.


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