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Greg Gutfeld Can't Help But Take Shots at Chris Wallace after CNN+ Fails Spectacularly

Added 04-25-22 08:45:03am EST - “Chris Wallace took plenty of pot-shots at Fox News after he left for CNN+. Greg Gutfeld decided to return the favor.” - Westernjournal.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Westernjournal.com: “Greg Gutfeld Can't Help But Take Shots at Chris Wallace after CNN+ Fails Spectacularly”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Well, perhaps poor is the incorrect word. Wallace comes from a prominent broadcasting family and he just scored a $9 million contract from his new employer, which doesn’t exactly make him penurious unless he lives like Floyd Mayweather or Saudi royalty. The problem is that his new employer — or at least the division he was employed at — is/was CNN+.

That’s the ambitious streaming service that cost $300 million to launch, according to the New York Post, but couldn’t draw more than 10,000 active users on any given day in the one month it was live. Right now, there’s probably some 18-year-old broadcasting himself playing the video game “Elden Ring” and yelling obscenities at the screen who’s drawing double those viewership numbers.

(Here at The Western Journal, we know why CNN+ failed: It was asking viewers to pay more for the same establishment takes they weren’t watching when delivered to them as part of a basic cable package. We try to buck the trend by providing news and analysis you won’t see in the mainstream media. If you support our mission, please consider subscribing.)

What’s more, Wallace had taken pot-shots at Fox News on his way out the door, implying the network was a hive of journalistic malpractice. Reports now state that Wallace is aiming to replace Chris Cuomo during CNN’s 9 p.m. primetime lineup.

Cuomo, you might remember, was fired by CNN for alleged sexual improprieties after being allowed to commit gross journalistic malpractice by propping up his brother’s lies about how well New York was doing battling COVID-19. (That brother, the now-former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was also forced out of office not due to gross gubernatorial malpractice, either, but — you guessed it — alleged sexual improprieties.)


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