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GRAPHIC VIDEO shows officers push down protester & knock him UNCONSCIOUS, then claim he ‘tripped'

Added 06-04-20 11:37:01pm EST - “A chilling video captured en elderly protester being shoved to the ground by officers in Buffalo as they moved in to clear the area after the curfew. The man could be seen lying motionless while bleeding from his ear.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “GRAPHIC VIDEO shows officers push down protester & knock him UNCONSCIOUS, then claim he ‘tripped’”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Graphic footage shows police officers swarming the area in front of City Hall in Buffalo, New York right after its 8 p.m. curfew went into effect on Thursday. As police advance on protesters, a man with what looks like a smartphone in his hand approaches the officers leading the procession in an attempt to confront them.

Just about an hour ago, police officers shove man in Niagara Square to the ground (WARNING: Graphic). Video from:

It’s unclear from the video what the man tells the policemen, clad in full riot gear, but the face-off did not last long before he is forcefully pushed by the officers, losing his balance and falling back-first onto the pavement. A trickle of blood could be seen flowing from his ear after the fall. As police call medics to the scene, the man appears to be unconscious, lying motionlessly in the same spot.

The video has spread like wildfire on social media, with many accusing police of an excessive use of force on the man, who did not appear to be threatening any of the officers in the first place.

The police department’s version of events – claiming the man simply “tripped and fell” on his own, according to Buffalo Toronto Public Media – turned out to be strikingly different from what can be seen on the footage and has only further fuelled the outrage. 


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