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GOP senator: It was my idea to buy Greenland, not Trump's, a year ago

Added 08-24-19 05:35:01pm EST - “White House spokesman declined to comment.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “GOP senator: It was my idea to buy Greenland, not Trump's, a year ago”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

An odd little story surfaced this week over President Trump’s idea about buying Greenland. For some reason, a Republican senator felt the need to let some constituents in on a fact not previously reported on – he was the one who had the idea in the first place a year ago.

Senator Tom Cotton was back home in Arkansas Wednesday and attended a luncheon hosted by an Arkansas-based news website. The inaugural Talk Business & Politics Power Lunch at the Red & Blue Events Center in Little Rock, Arkansas produced an interesting tidbit from Senator Cotton. When asked about the topic of buying Greenland, Cotton acknowledged the host was likely making a joke but he (Cotton) is perfectly serious about it. He wants to do it and takes credit for suggesting it to President Trump.

“Obviously, the right decision for this country,” Cotton said quickly when asked by Talk Business & Politics CEO Roby Brock about Trump’s Greenland tweets. “You’re joking, but I can reveal to you that several months ago, I met with the Danish ambassador and I proposed that they sell Greenland to us.”

Wait. Senator Cotton met with the Danish ambassador and offered up his idea about the United States purchasing Greenland? The senator didn’t travel to Denmark to present his proposal but instead offered it during a meeting in his office with Ambassador Lars Gert Lose a year ago – back in August 2018. The meeting was arranged to discuss NATO and a gas pipeline but Cotton had an additional item for the meeting’s agenda.

Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas proposed the idea to the Danish ambassador to the U.S. in August 2018, in a meeting in the senator’s office that had been arranged to discuss the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, according to a spokeswoman for Mr. Cotton.


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