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Generational Income Inequality Is The Only Inequality That Matters

Added 03-10-18 12:26:43am EST - There is only one way to fix this problem of inequality for both our tiny snapshot in time now and that of the generations. - The News Commenter


Posted By The News Commenter: Income inequality is a problem. Why does Jeff Bezos have billions of dollars while people are starving in the streets? Something isn’t right. But this is just a snapshot in time. Why do we restrict it? Why don’t we talk about generational income inequality, where the differences become that much more profound in the number of riches (quality of life) and the number of people with those riches?

Think of the shitty lives the kings of the middle ages had to endure. No plumbing. That’s it right there. No need to expand on the kings. And what about the cavemen and cavewomen (PC points) had to deal with? They didn’t have grocery stores, TVs, phones, cars, computers, or even internets. These are things we think of as human rights today... so they had no human rights for god sakes. They, compared to your average poor American, had a shitty time. The caveman could expect to live to 30 if she (PC points) was lucky, decades less than even the poorest of Americans. It’s a problem.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s a false analogy. Comparing modern day income inequality with cave men is stupid. But is it? Why are we restricting ourselves to snapshots in time? There is a better chance than not that most people 100 years from now will be richer than all of us are now. That’s the true injustice. The numbers are much more vast both in riches and people with riches. Why pick on a few rich people now when there will be so much more to pick on in a relatively short period of time (cosmically speaking). The inequality is outrageous when you see it this way. Why do their poor get to live better than our rich? Why do their poor get to drive flying cars that can travel through time when our poor are stuck with regular cars? The inequality here is so much more than the difference between you and Jack Dorsey of Twitter. He has a Lambo but can it travel tough time? No. That’s a big deal.

There is only one way to fix this problem of inequality for both our tiny snapshot in time now and that of the generations. Before we go there, we need to figure out what causes inequality. Let’s look at the most extreme examples. Why is most classical music composed by just a few composers? There are maybe a few hundred classical composers in all of history out of billions of humans. How many athletes make it to the NBA? How many scientists have papers published? How many get to be tech giants? You get the idea. Very few, comparatively, is the answer. It seems out of all humans, some are very talented. Those talented individuals go on to do well and make lots of $, way more than any of us will. They also go on to create cool new things that benefit the future generations and we might only see a slice (if we are lucky). This creates massive comparative inequality.

One way to fix the problem is to redistribute the wealth evenly. The problem is we’ve tried this in the past and we know where it ends up. Lots of people die/are killed, and most studies show that the effect on inequality doesn’t change (lots of rich people run the show for all of the “equals”). Or to put it another way, shared misery. Nobody has time for that.

There is only one way to fix the problem. Emphasis on ONE/ONLY WAY. The only REAL way to fix the problem is to make all brains equal. Make all talent equal. If you think that idea is impossible, then you would be right. Someone will always be smarter than you, someone will always be faster than you, and a lot of people will make more money than you. That's ok. -ENDRANT