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‘Gender baptism is not biblical': Christian couple seeking to sue UK govt over school guidelines blasts ‘trans indoctrination'

Added 10-18-21 06:37:03pm EST - “The UK's school guidelines are designed to lure children into transgenderism, a Christian couple seeking to sue the government told RT. Pro-trans activists, however, believe they're using the legal system to push their own agenda.” - Rt.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rt.com: “‘Gender baptism is not biblical’: Christian couple seeking to sue UK govt over school guidelines blasts ‘trans indoctrination’”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

British Christian parents Nigel and Sally Row are preparing a legal action against their government over the existing transgender guidelines. The couple had to take their sons into homeschooling after the boys ran into 'transgender kids' in a Christian school that they'd been studying at.

"We had two situations in our school when our boys were the age of six. The first one was when he came home and said that his friend at school, a boy, turned up at school and announced that he was now a girl," the boys' mother said, recalling the situation their older son got into back in 2016. "There was no consultation with parents, no warning."

Two years later, the younger son of the couple ended up in a similar situation, when a 'gender-fluid' child emerged in his class. The boy occasionally showed up in the school dressed up as a girl, demanding to be addressed accordingly. Ultimately, the couple took their second son into homeschooling as well.

The parents said that they tried to negotiate with the school, talking over the situation with its administration in both cases. Their pleas, however, had been harshly rejected by the school authorities.

"We've got a stern letter, basically saying if you and your children do not accept these boys are real females and use female pronouns then you'll be called transphobic," Sally said.


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