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G7 leaders open to White House meeting in June ... except one

Added 05-30-20 05:50:02pm EST - “In-person, not a virtual meeting.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “G7 leaders open to White House meeting in June ... except one”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

There’s always one – one person who puts a damper on everything. In the case of President Trump’s attempt to bring the G7 leaders to Washington, D.C. this summer for their next meeting instead of holding a virtual meeting, the holdout is Angela Merkel.

It’s understandable that people hesitate to jump into re-establishing life as we knew it before the coronavirus pandemic. But, in times of chaos and a global public health crisis, leaders must step up and present a united front. President Trump canceled the G7 in March as the pandemic spread. At that time he canceled the planned summit at Camp David, suggesting instead that the group’s meeting could still happen but they would do so virtually since countries, including the United States, were on lockdown.

Now that the coronavirus pandemic is subsiding, Trump has a new plan. He’s extended an invitation to the G7 leaders to come to the White House for an in-person summit, with perhaps a trip to Camp David, too. The idea is to show a united front that the world leaders have confidence that the world will get up and running again and life will go on. He announced the change in a tweet, natch.

Now that our Country is “Transitioning back to Greatness”, I am considering rescheduling the G-7, on the same or similar date, in Washington, D.C., at the legendary Camp David. The other members are also beginning their COMEBACK. It would be a great sign to all – normalization!

Normalization is the goal. I don’t think anyone believes the world is getting back to normal any time soon but it has to start somewhere, sometime. The most powerful man on earth may as well be the leader of that process. An added bonus will be the optics from the meeting. It will be good for Trump’s re-election campaign and highlight the pettiness from his opponents, including Team Biden, just like Trump’s tweet on May 20 announcing the summit idea brought out the snark from the likes of Joe Lockhart. Trump will show leadership.


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