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Fundraising face-off: How the top Democrats stack up on day one

Added 04-27-19 11:37:02pm EST - “Former Vice President Joe Biden pulled in a cool $6.3 million in donations after announcing his bid for the presidency in 2020. But how does Biden's haul compare to the loot brought in by his Democratic rivals?” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Fundraising face-off: How the top Democrats stack up on day one”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The cash haul a presidential candidate can pull in the first 24 hours of their campaign is usually a good indicator of their momentum heading into election season, and contains a few tells about the crowds they appeal to. With a crowded field of 20 candidates hustling for the Democratic dollar, three heavy hitters have emerged.

Biden’s one-day haul of $6.3 million dollars puts him in first place. According to his campaign team, 96,926 donations made up the tally, giving an average donation size of $65. However, within hours of announcing his campaign, Biden was en route to Philadelphia, where he spoke at a fundraising event in the home of Comcast executive David L. Cohen and attended by bigwigs from the health insurance industry and powerhouse law firms.

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Guests at the fundraiser were asked to cough up $2,800 to Biden’s campaign, the maximum individual contribution allowed, and the 100 or so guests who showed up obliged, giving Biden an estimated $750,000 for a 14-minute speech, the Philadelphia Enquirer reported.

Still, Biden’s candidacy seems to resonate with ordinary Americans too. The former Vice President is currently polling higher than any other Democratic candidate, and according to a recent Politico poll, eight points higher than President Trump.


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