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FREAK SHOW: Seb Gorka Screams at CNN's Brian Karem After White House Event: ‘You're a Punk!!!'

Added 07-11-19 07:34:02pm EST - “President Trump's social media summit devolved into a trash-talking face-off when Sen? Gorka screamed at CNN's Brian Karem: "You're a punk, not a journalist!"” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “FREAK SHOW: Seb Gorka Screams at CNN's Brian Karem After White House Event: 'You're a Punk!!!'”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

President Donald Trump’s social media summit in the White House Rose Garden quickly devolved into a trash-talking debacle upon its conclusion, when right-wing Salem radio host Sen Gorka — a former Trump White House aide — got in the face of CNN political analyst Brian Karem and screamed: “You’re a joke, not a journalist. You’re a punk!”

The embarrassing melee, in a venue that normally hosts foreign heads of state and big policy announcements, was partially captured on video by New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers.

At the beginning of the video, the famously short-fused Gorka claims someone jus threatened him and directly proceeds to the rope line flanking the event’s seating. He stops just short of it to confront Karem who folds his arms in front of him. Gorka then insults him, turns, and walks away as his fellow conservatives cheered him on with chants of “Gor-ka! Gor-ka!”

Seconds later, as Gorka departs, a woman says: “You should not be attacking journalists like this.” Immediately after that comment, an unseen man, directing his words at Karem, yells: “For the record, he’d kick your punk ass!”

Conservative gadfly Joy Villa, decked out in a red, white, and blue dress, then admonished the media covering the event: “Fake news is over, be real journalists.” But Villa then smiled when asked about her outfit by someone else in the press line, and proudly showed off her red skirt, upon which was emblazoned the word “Freedom” in big white letters.


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