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Foreign Investors Fueled Violence and Corruption in South Sudan, Report Finds

Added 09-19-19 12:34:07pm EST - “Numerous banks and multinationals have hands in shady deals with the new nation's elites and warlords.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Foreign Investors Fueled Violence and Corruption in South Sudan, Report Finds”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Report: Foreign Investors Fueled Violence and Corruption in South Sudan, Report Finds Foreign Investors Fueled Violence and Corrup...

A cabal of ruling elites and warlords in South Sudan have been propped up by a complex and global web of corruption that includes would-be American arms dealers, British business tycoons, and Chinese oil giants, according to a new report released on Thursday. 

The report, released by the Sentry, an investigative arm of the nonprofit group Enough Project, pulls back the veil on how powerful elites and warlords in one of the world’s poorest nations have stayed in power and amassed vast personal wealth off the state’s public funds and resources while international banks, corporations, and foreign investors stood to profit. 

“Nearly every instance of confirmed or alleged corruption or financial crime in South Sudan examined by The Sentry has involved links to an international corporation, a multinational bank, a foreign government or high-end real estate abroad,” the report says. 

Drawing on a trove of documents and forensic financial analysis, the report sheds new light on the scale of corruption in South Sudan, an oil-rich country that has been in civil conflict for over five years. It also provides a detailed portrait of how China has expanded its political and financial footprint in Africa, operating with South Sudanese security services and militias widely accused of carrying out atrocities and war crimes against civilian populations. 


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