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Federal Judge Who Shot Down Stop and Frisk Calls out Bloomberg AND Biden for False Claims in Debate

Added 02-20-20 08:34:02pm EST - “Federal judge Shira Scheindlin, who ruled Stop and Frisk unconstitutional, calls out Bloomberg AND Biden for misinforming about the policy in Democratic debate” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Shira Scheindlin Calls Out Bloomberg, Biden on Stop and Frisk”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The federal judge who ruled New York City’s stop and frisk unconstitutional called out the city’s former mayor, Mike Bloomberg, and former Vice President Joe Biden for misinforming viewers about how the policy was ended during the Democratic debate.

Speaking with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, retired Judge Shira Scheindlin explained how neither Bloomberg nor the Obama administration had a hand in stopping the policy that struck down because it amounted to massive civil rights violations of minority men who were innocent of any crimes.

“What do people need to know about it and what, if anything, was incorrect in last night’s debate conversation?” Melber asked.

“It appeared to me, clear from the evidence, that what we had was racial profiling, going after a target group, which was young black males, 18 to 25. That’s what was going on,” Scheindlin said. “The police targeted themselves to those neighborhoods where they believed the crime was heaviest, but they also believed that’s where the criminals were heaviest. They went after these groups. The stops were mostly dry — 90% of the stops resulted in no further law enforcement action.”

“It really was a failed policy that terrorized, I would honestly say, not to mention humiliated, hundreds of thousands of young minority New Yorkers,” she added. “But I want to say the policy started before this mayor. It started with Mayor [Rudy] Giuliani. Bloomberg picked it up. Bloomberg expanded it enormously. It grew under him to its height in 2011.”


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