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Facial recognition is here. Everyone has to deal with that

Added 01-21-20 12:35:02pm EST - “For better or worse, here we go” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Facial recognition is here. Everyone has to deal with that”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Up until now, facial recognition software has largely remained in the vaults of some of the tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Google. This has alarmed many privacy advocates while simultaneously promising improvements in the effectiveness of law enforcement and efforts to stop terrorist plots. But what if this technology moves out of those controlled confines and spreads throughout the private sector? What if it becomes embedded in something as simple as an app that anyone can download on their phone?

This is apparently no longer a “what if” scenario. A company called Clearview AI has developed just such an app and the user can take a picture of someone with their phone, resulting in a search of a massive database of images. The results can potentially provide a name and perhaps even an address or other personal information. If you thought privacy advocates were upset before, this is going to take it to an entirely new level. (CNET)

What if a stranger could snap your picture on the sidewalk then use an app to quickly discover your name, address and other details? A startup called Clearview AI has made that possible, and its app is currently being used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the US, including the FBI, says a Saturday report in The New York Times.

The app, says the Times, works by comparing a photo to a database of more than 3 billion pictures that Clearview says it’s scraped off Facebook, Venmo, YouTube and other sites. It then serves up matches, along with links to the sites where those database photos originally appeared. A name might easily be unearthed, and from there other info could be dug up online.

I first became aware of this new app via a female Twitter user who was clearly upset over the news. (Language warning)


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