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Ex-spy & author of discredited Trump dossier says a ‘queue of people' would want to play him in a movie, including Daniel Craig

Added 10-23-21 08:37:02am EST - “Controversial former British spy Christopher Steele ?" who wrote the widely-criticized Trump-Russia dossier ?" said on Saturday that a "queue" of people would want to play him in a film, even suggesting 007 star Daniel Craig.” - Rt.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rt.com: “Ex-spy & author of discredited Trump dossier says a ‘queue of people’ would want to play him in a movie, including Daniel Craig”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

During an interview with Sky News’ Security and Defence Editor, Deborah Haynes, Steele said, “I would hope there'd be a whole queue of people that might want to play it, because these have been tumultuous times and quite dramatic events.”

Steele also told Haynes that actor Daniel Craig – who has played the fictional MI6 spy James Bond since 2006 – would be interested in playing him in a movie and is a personal friend.

Sky News' interview was the first UK interview with Steele since the controversy surrounding his Trump-Russia dossier. During the interview, Steele also claimed that Russian agents had once planted two wedding rings in his bag during a holiday to the Caribbean and said it was “possible” that Russian President Vladimir Putin had once served him “a cup of tea” when he was a part of a UK delegation to St. Petersburg, though did not provide much evidence for his fantastic claims.

Politico London Playbook editor Alex Wickham mocked Steele's comments on Saturday, tweeting, “Extremely normal for a former MI6 officer to give a TV interview in which he claims there'll be ‘a queue’ of people who want to play him in the movie of his life, and he's hoping for Daniel Craig…”

Others criticized the whole interview, questioning, “Is this news?” and calling Steele's claims “a complete joke.”


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