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Evergreen State College president George Bridges is year

Added 02-26-20 05:35:02pm EST - “"guiding the college through many challenges, with wisdom and compassion"” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Evergreen State College president George Bridges is year”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

It’s finally happening! Nearly three years after the student revolt which became national news, Evergreen State College president George Bridges has announced his intention to return to teaching and hand the office of president to his successor. But true to form, Evergreen’s announcement of the decision said nothing about the reasons he is leaving. In fact, the Board of Trustees had nothing but praise for Bridges:

Bridges, who came to Evergreen after serving as president of Whitman College in Eastern Washington, recently informed the board of his decision to retire as president and return to teaching, according to the news release…

“George has led Evergreen in making important advances in our academic programs and support for students, including significant fundraising for scholarships. He has helped create a more equitable and inclusive campus and laid the foundation for a major fundraising campaign. And he has done so while guiding the college through many challenges, with wisdom and compassion,” said Fraser.

Did you catch that reference to “a more equitable” campus? That’s the Board’s way of saying they still completely support his handling of the student takeover of the campus. And part of that ongoing support is that Bridges won’t be leaving until his current five year contract expires next June. So, in essence, he’ll be able to leave on his own terms, head held high, despite the fact that he helped drive the school’s enrollment over a cliff. Current enrollment is now about what it was in the early 1980s:

The @EvergreenStCol is dying, and nothing is being done about the man who’s driving it into extinction. This man’s signature is on my degree, by the way, which is more than a bit irritating.


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