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Europe leaders getting ready for Trump, what happens in weakened NATO

Added 07-10-18 07:13:01am EST - “President Trump will face the European leaders he has repeatedly antagonized” - Nydailynews.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Nydailynews.com: “Europe leaders getting ready for Trump, what happens in weakened NATO - NY Daily News”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

President Trump will once again be the star of the show as he heads meets allies for a NATO summit this week, but European leaders have one eye on their deteriorating relationship and one eye on what happens if the alliance is weakened.

Trump heads to Brussels on Tuesday ahead of two days of meetings, and has forecast his tone for the gathering by repeating attacks on other countries for not meeting the 2% of GDP benchmark for defense spending.

The broadsides, which follow attacks on Europe for trade and come before a meeting with Vladimir Putin, have confirmed worries that Trump is actively weakening NATO, formed with a focus on the Soviet Union and Russia.

Europeans are hoping that when Trump arrives in Belgium he takes credit for an increase of defense spending by some members, which would be a sign that his anti-NATO statements are not part of a pattern of disdain for much of the rest of the world but only a negotiating tactic.

While Trump was seen by Europeans early in his term as unpredictable, a recent focus on attacking them has led to the possibility that for the next two and a half years and maybe longer, the U.S. will be less and less a friend to its longtime partners in Europe.


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