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#EtonMess: David Cameron's claims of school days drug use draw Brexit jibes

Added 09-14-19 07:37:01am EST - “Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron has admitted being "off his head" on drugs while studying at the prestigious Eton College, prompting social media users to ask if that's why he thought the Brexit referendum was a good idea.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “#EtonMess: David Cameron’s claims of school days drug use draw Brexit jibes”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Cameron revealed his drug-taking pastimes in the poshest way possible: By explaining in his soon-to-be released memoir that he and two school friends would hire a rowing boat to go to a small island on the River Thames, where they would then proceed to “roll up” and “spend a summer’s afternoon getting gently off our heads.” 

In an extract published in The Times, Cameron revealed that he was eventually caught, and described being summoned to the headmaster’s office as “the worst moment of my life” at the time. Despite seven other boys being expelled for buying the drugs, young Cameron was merely fined, grounded, and stripped of privileges.

It didn’t take long for social media to become awash in Brexit analogies as Twitter users claimed the drugs anecdote helped them to finally understand Cameron’s rationale for holding a referendum on the UK’s EU membership, spawning the entire Brexit fiasco that followed and that still plagues his successors.

David Cameron says he was off his head on dope while he was at Eton. - What was he smoking when he thought a referendum on Brexit would be a good idea?

Smoking dope in school or college is certainly not an avant-garde experience – a point made by critics who took to Twitter to accuse the politician of trying to appear more relatable. Others pointed out his hypocrisy in having used drugs recreationally, but standing over hardline anti-drugs policies.


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