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Dulis: The ‘Pee Tape' Hoax Is Finally, Absolutely Dead. It's Time to Brand the ‘Rushers' Who Pushed It.

Added 12-14-19 01:47:01pm EST - “The 9/11 and Kenya conspiracy theorists each had their own pithy, diminutive nicknames: "Truthers" and "Birthers," respectively. I'm proposing a new nickname: the "Rushers."” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Dulis: The ‘Pee Tape' Hoax Is Finally, Absolutely Dead”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Imagine that the most widespread, hysterical conspiracy theory in America came not from backwoods rumor mills but from the Ivy League-staffed, megacorp-owned news media. Oh, wait — you don’t have to imagine anything. You’ve been living this reality for years now!

The last three U.S. presidents have seen some of their opposition unite under the banner of really juicy conspiracy theories: for Bush, it was that 9/11 was an inside job; for Obama, it was that an ineligible foreign national became commander-in-chief, possibly as a sleeper agent for The Muslims; for Trump, it’s that a hostile foreign power installed an illegitimate president who would do its bidding, thanks to humiliating blackmail material.

Those first two conspiracy theories have been beaten down by time and vigorous debate — with experts and institutions meticulously fighting the sexy, imaginative narratives of their opponents.

Yet the Russia conspiracies continue to thrive, because the experts and the institutions haven’t admitted the obvious conclusion to draw from the evidence. The experts and institutions remain true believers!

Just this week, the star lawyer for House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry refused to disavow his promotion of the most salacious, popular element of the conspiracy theory. Let that sink in: someone who is telling the American people to trust his judgment for the removal of an American president, while testifying under oath to Congress, held fast to a lurid sex fantasy that any reasonable adult can see has been 100% disproven.


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