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Drive-Bys Go Nuts Over Trump Axios Interview: "It Is What It Is"

Added 08-04-20 02:42:03pm EST - “RUSH: I am a realist. I'm Mr. Literal. I am the mayor of Realville. You know me. One of my all-time favorite, little, short, philosophical sayings: It is what it is.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Drive-Bys Go Nuts Over Trump Axios Interview: “It Is What It Is””. Below is an excerpt from the article.

RUSH: So President Trump was a guest on the Axios show on HBO last night. Axios is this Millennial website. They’re the people that do a story and they’ll have the first paragraph, and then they’ll say, “What does it mean?” And then they will tell you what the first paragraph means.

Then they’ll write another paragraph, “Why is this important?” And they will tell you why it’s important. And they’ll do another paragraph and say, “Where is it all headed?” And then they will tell you where it’s all headed. Because they figure that their audience is not smart enough to understand paragraph by paragraph what they’re reporting.

Anyway, they’ve got this TV show on HBO and last night Trump appeared on it. I don’t know why. I have no idea why. But the Drive-By Media is now savaging Trump as demonstrating he’s out of touch — it’s about COVID-19 — he doesn’t know what’s going on. They can’t figure out how he thinks, it’s worse than anybody knew. They say Trump was just confused and totally disoriented and telling the host, a guy by the name of Jonathan Swan, that you can’t do that. You can’t interpose numbers like this.

And the guy said, “Why can’t I? I can do whatever I want.” And the guy, the host, figures out how Trump thinks at some point during the — we got sound bites here. We’ll play it for you to give you an idea. But the Drive-By Media is already savaging this as a great living example of how Trump has no idea what’s going on about anything. And I don’t know why he did it. I mean, Axios is not what you would call from the friendly side of the aisle.

But then again I’m sure there are people at the White House who say to Trump, “Look, you can’t just do Fox all the time. You gotta go out there, and especially as we get close to the campaign, you’ve gotta broaden the base, so to speak.” So we’ll get to that here in just a couple of minutes.


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