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Dr. Fauci Endorses Mask Mandate Similar to Biden Plan, Brushes Off Trump's False Claim That He's a Democrat

Added 10-23-20 08:34:02pm EST - “Dr. Anthony Fauci endorses mask mandate similar to Joe Biden's plan, brushes off Trump's false claim that he's a Democrat” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Fauci Endorses Mask Mandate Similar to Joe Biden's Plan”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Dr. Anthony Fauci dismissed President Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks on him and publicly endorsed the idea of a nationwide mask mandate that sounded very similar to the proposal from 2020 Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

During an appearance on CNN’s OutFront, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert addressed a number of issues with host Erin Burnett.

After a lengthy update on the progress of Covid-19 therapeutic drug approvals and the pace of the ongoing vaccine trials, Burnett turned to Fauci’s increasingly fraught role as an campaign issue in the 2020 election.

“So I understand, you know, you don’t want to wade into politics, but masks are not political, they shouldn’t be political, right?” Burnett said. “We see the president at these rallies and people don’t wear masks. And Joe Biden does have a really different plan. Today he talked about it and specifically talked about making mask wearing mandatory.”

After a clip from a Friday speech where Biden talked about pushing state governors and local leaders to require masks, Burnet noted that the Democrat would also make face-masks mandatory on federal property and on interstate transportation. “Is this what a President of the United States would be helpful if they were doing, fighting for mask mandates?” she asked.


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