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Donald Trump was having ‘second thoughts' on his trade war with China for about an hour

Added 08-25-19 11:59:02am EST - “"I have second thoughts about everything," he said. That apparently includes second thoughts about his second thoughts.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Donald Trump was having ‘second thoughts’ on his trade war with China for about an hour”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Donald Trump is currently abroad, attending the G-7 summit in France. On Sunday morning, a reporter asked Trump about his escalating trade war with China, wondering if he had any regrets about antagonizing the world’s second largest economy.

“Might as well,” he continued. “Might as well. I have second thoughts about everything.”

His statement was a rare admission of doubt and uncertainty from a person diametrically opposed to any semblance of weakness. So uncharacteristic were his comments, the New York Times saw fit to send out a news alert with his remarks shortly past 5 AM Eastern Time,

Within hours though, the gaslighters working in the White House kicked into overdrive, seeking to “clarify” Trump’s comments by suggesting he never said he had second thoughts about his trade war with China, but rather his only regret was not raising tariffs even higher.

The effects of Donald Trump’s unilateral standoff with China have already started to manifest in the U.S. economy. In response to the White House raising tariffs on Chinese goods, China has responded by imposing tariffs of their own, hitting U.S. auto manufacturers and agricultural workers especially hard.


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