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Dominic Cummings launches all-out assault on Boris Johnson

Added 05-26-21 01:36:02pm EST - “In an epic six-hour plus evidence session with MPs, Dominic Cummings revealed that Mr Johnson viewed Covid as a 'scare story' just a month before the first lockdown.” - Dailymail.co.uk


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Dailymail.co.uk: “Dominic Cummings launches all-out assault on Boris Johnson”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The initial apology: 'The truth is that senior ministers, senior officials, senior advisers like me fell disastrously short of the standards that the public has a right to expect of its Government in a crisis like this. When the public needed us most the Government failed. I would like to say to all the families of those who died unnecessarily how sorry I am for the mistakes that were made and for my own mistakes at that.'

On the lack of preparation in February 2020: 'We didn't act like it was important in February, let alone January.... No10 and the government were not working on a war footing in February, it wasn't until the last week of February there was any sense of urgency.' 

On Boris Johnson's attitude to Covid: 'In February the Prime Minister regarded this as just a scare story. He described it as the new swine flu... The view of various officials inside No10 was if we have the PM chairing Cobra meetings and he just tells everyone ''it's swine flu don't worry about it, I am going to get Chris Whitty to inject me live on TV with coronavirus so everyone realise it's nothing to be frightened of'', that would not help actual serious planning.'

On the first lockdown timing: 'In retrospect it is clear that the official plan was wrong, it is clear that the whole advice was wrong, and I think it is clear that we obviously should have locked down essentially the first week of March at the latest. We certainly should have been doing all of these things weeks before we did, I think it's unarguable that that is the case.'

On his role in the lockdown delay: 'There's no doubt in retrospect that yes, it was a huge failure of mine and I bitterly regret that I didn't hit the emergency panic button earlier then I did. In retrospect there's no doubt I was wrong not to.'


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