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Dinesh D'Souza Asks Where White Privilege Is, Then Answers His Own Question Seconds Later

Added 05-07-21 12:34:02am EST - “Dinesh D'Souza figured out what White privilege is and didn't even realize it.” - Mediaite.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Mediaite.com: “Dinesh D’Souza Asks Where White Privilege Is, Then Answers His Own Question Seconds Later”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

On Thursday, conservative pundit, filmmaker, and felon Dinesh D’Souza unwittingly answered his own question about white privilege while discussing “woke propaganda infiltrating our kids’ schools” on the Ingraham Angle.

D’Souza told host Laura Ingraham that liberals are bringing Marxism to the United States by replacing an emphasis on class struggle with racial grievances because, as D’Souza said, there’s “a deep racial history in America” that resonates with people. He suggested that the U.S. is a much different society today than in 1950, saying that non-Whites such as Asians are thriving academically and economically. “Essentially,” said D’Souza, “the Asian-Americans dominate the ethnic groups at the top.”

So where is white privilege? Whites are actually not at the top of the totem pole of American society anymore. The only category in which Whites are on top is accumulated wealth, which of course reflects the legacy of the past. But it’s very difficult for these Critical Race Theory people to explain why Orientals and Asian Americans are doing the best because obviously they’re not discriminating against anybody. They are outperforming everybody. 

In the capitalist society that D’Souza praises so frequently, accumulated wealth is an important, if not downright holy byproduct of successful capitalism-ing. The ideas that Whites are on top in accumulated wealth, but are also “not at the top of the totem pole of American society” simply do not comport with one another in this context.

More importantly, implicit in D’Souza’s analysis is the answer to his own question, “Where is the White privilege?”


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