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Did a Security Researcher Guess Trump's Twitter Password?

Added 10-24-20 10:06:03am EST - “Plus: An Among Us spam attack, China's favorite vulnerabilities, and more of the week's top security news.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Did a Security Researcher Guess Trump's Twitter Password?”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

This week the US alleged that Iranian hackers sent emails to voters in key states posing as the Proud Boys white supremacist group, which is to say that election interference is already upon us. We took a look at the 12 cyberthreats that officials are most concerned about—including the type of targeted misinformation that's already playing out.

The Department of Justice also took the important step of indicting the Russian hackers allegedly behind Sandworm, the notorious group responsible for some of the most devastating attacks of the last several years, from blackouts in Ukraine to NotPetya, the most costly cyberassault in history. (You can read much, much more about Sandworm in WIRED senior writer Andy Greenberg's book about them.) A few days later, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on the Russian research institution behind Triton, dangerous malware that targets industrial control systems.

For all the concern about how deepfakes might affect the election, it turns out the most sinister use of the technology as been a porn bot that has artificially removed the clothing from photos of over 100,000 targeted women. In other privacy news, Facebook will soon file its first report to the Federal Trade Commission on how it's holding up its end of that $5 billion settlement. WIRED spoke with the company's two chief privacy officers, who insist both that everything's different this time and that Facebook was built with privacy in mind in the first place.

A new report shows just how pervasive the technology is that lets police unlock smartphones. And make sure you set aside a few minutes this weekend to read the story of the Aurora Generator Test, a 2007 demonstration that showed just how dangerous hacking a grid can be.

And there's more! Every Saturday we round up the security and privacy stories that we didn’t break or report on in depth but think you should know about. Click on the headlines to read them, and stay safe out there.


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