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DeVos Defends Trump's School Funding Threat, Calls CDC's Guidelines ‘Flexible'

Added 07-12-20 07:54:03pm EST - ““There’s nothing in the data that suggests that kids being in school is in any way dangerous," the education secretary said of COVID-19 concerns.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “DeVos Defends Trump's School Funding Threat, Calls CDC’s Guidelines ‘Flexible’”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Sunday defended President Donald Trump’s threat to withhold funds from schools that refuse to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic, while refusing to say whether her department will follow federal safety health guidelines, which she said are “meant to be flexible.”

“American investment in education is a promise to students and their families. If schools aren’t going to reopen, and not fulfill that promise, then they shouldn’t get the funds. Then give it to the families to decide to go to a school that is going to meet that promise,” she said in an interview with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace.

DeVos’ comments came after Trump accused Democrats last week of wanting to keep schools closed in the hopes that it would hurt his reelection bid this November. He further criticized COVID-19 school safety guidelines released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, calling them “very tough & expensive.”

Wallace pointed out that only Congress has the authority to cut school funding, to which DeVos responded that the administration is “looking at all of the options.”

Betsy DeVos won't commit to whether or not the Dept. of Education will follow the CDC guidelines to re-open schools, repeatedly says they are just "recommendations" and that they need to get kids "back in the classroom"


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